Spending 7-8 hours a day in school means that you spend a lot of time there. Therefore you’re going to need some stuff to help you in any difficult situations.

#1 hand sanitizer

In school there are a lot of unwanted germs and especially if you’re about to eat you don’t wanna forget your hand sanitizer or else you might end up with a flu for the rest of the week.

#2 pads/tampons

This is an obvious one. But even if you’re not on your period you can gine them to someone who really needs one.

#3 body lotion

Well,did you know that you can use body lotion to remove makeup in a small area? Now you know.

#4 essential makeup

Aka consealer,eyebrows,lipbalm

#5 tissues

A small package of them can always come in handy.

#6 wet wipes

You might think:”Why should I even bring wet wipes with me?”, but next time you get dirt or chalk dust all over your hands, you’ll find out why.

#7 nail polish remover wipes

Really useful,trust me!

#8 bandaids

Who knows when you’re gonna cut yourself. Keep a couple of those to protect your wounds.



Author: schoollifehacks

Hi!! I'm an 18 year old teen who struggles with school and in this blog I wanna help all of you guys deal with all those awkward situations you might have in school!! And also.. I upload every Sunday Wednesday and Friday!! have fun πŸ‘‘

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