Being in high school can be really tough. But you can make it easier by carrying with you some stuff to help you out in some difficult situations!

#1 deodorant

Admit it! Most days you’re running late for school,which means that you may forget to put deodorant on. But you can keep a small container in your backpack to help you on these difficult smelly days.

#2 water bottle

You should always stay hydrated, so keep a water bottle with you in case you need it.

#3 snack

Of course you get hungry while in school, so you should definitely keep a snack in your backpack in case the cafeteria food is not so good.

#4 money

Come on!! You always forget to bring your snack with you. So you can keep some money in case you need it.

#5 watch

While in class you always get curious on what time is it. Instead of asking everyone else, keep your own watch!

#6 mobile

Pretty self explanatory! Β You can use it everywhere!

#7 headphones

Use them to listen to music on your way to school. It calms you down!!

So these were the essentials that you should always bring with you! Β Hope you enjoyed!! Β πŸ‘‘



Author: schoollifehacks

Hi!! I'm an 18 year old teen who struggles with school and in this blog I wanna help all of you guys deal with all those awkward situations you might have in school!! And also.. I upload every Sunday Wednesday and Friday!! have fun πŸ‘‘

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