So when I go home from a long day in school,at around 14.30 I wash my hands and I head into my room where I leave my backpack. If I have any private lessons I quickly grap my books and a snack and I leave home. When I’m finally home and I have no more things to do outdoors I change into some comfy clothes and I head to the kitchen to eat some real food. When I’m done I go back to my room I clean it and right after I study for 3-4 hours. When I end up studying I wear pj’s and I chill in my bed for about.Then I head to the bathroom where I was my face, my teeth and I take a shower. By that time it’s usually 01.00 or 01.30 so I go to sleep. But most times I stay awake until 2-3 o’clock. So that’s all for my afyer school/night routine. Hope you liked it! πŸ‘‘


Author: schoollifehacks

Hi!! I'm an 18 year old teen who struggles with school and in this blog I wanna help all of you guys deal with all those awkward situations you might have in school!! And also.. I upload every Sunday Wednesday and Friday!! have fun πŸ‘‘

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