I wake up at six o’clock and I chill in my bed for about ten to fifteen minutes. Then I get out of my bed,make sure to make it and head into the bathroom, where I wash my teeth and face. Right after I walk back into my room and I get dressed for the day. I also do my makeup, which I keep really simple and natural, and I also do my hair.When I’m done I head to the kitchen to make myself something to eat while listening to music. Usually in the morning I’m not really hungry so I eat a bowl of cereal with milk.After that I’m heading outdoors to catch the bus, at around 7.30. My school starts at eight but it takes me 20 minutes to get there by bus.

That’s my school morning routine. Hope you enjoyed it!! πŸ‘‘


Author: schoollifehacks

Hi!! I'm an 18 year old teen who struggles with school and in this blog I wanna help all of you guys deal with all those awkward situations you might have in school!! And also.. I upload every Sunday Wednesday and Friday!! have fun πŸ‘‘

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