#1 find a sidekick

Find somebody to be with you on your way dealing with the forces. That way you’re not alone!

#2 don’t react

Try not to give them the attention they want. By giving ’em that, they feel stronger!

#3 smile and laugh

This will frustrate them even more! Β What they wanna do is make you react to their actings. If you smile instead they might back off a little bit!!

#4 kill ’em w/ kindness

Tip no.2 and no.3 bring me to my fourth tip which is act as if they were your friends. I know, Β sounds a bit confusing but all they wanna do is be mean and even. If you treat them the opposite way they might stop paying attention to you.


Author: schoollifehacks

Hi!! I'm an 18 year old teen who struggles with school and in this blog I wanna help all of you guys deal with all those awkward situations you might have in school!! And also.. I upload every Sunday Wednesday and Friday!! have fun πŸ‘‘

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