Spending 7-8 hours a day in school means that you spend a lot of time there. Therefore you’re going to need some stuff to help you in any difficult situations.

#1 hand sanitizer

In school there are a lot of unwanted germs and especially if you’re about to eat you don’t wanna forget your hand sanitizer or else you might end up with a flu for the rest of the week.

#2 pads/tampons

This is an obvious one. But even if you’re not on your period you can gine them to someone who really needs one.

#3 body lotion

Well,did you know that you can use body lotion to remove makeup in a small area? Now you know.

#4 essential makeup

Aka consealer,eyebrows,lipbalm

#5 tissues

A small package of them can always come in handy.

#6 wet wipes

You might think:”Why should I even bring wet wipes with me?”, but next time you get dirt or chalk dust all over your hands, you’ll find out why.

#7 nail polish remover wipes

Really useful,trust me!

#8 bandaids

Who knows when you’re gonna cut yourself. Keep a couple of those to protect your wounds.




Being in high school can be really tough. But you can make it easier by carrying with you some stuff to help you out in some difficult situations!

#1 deodorant

Admit it! Most days you’re running late for school,which means that you may forget to put deodorant on. But you can keep a small container in your backpack to help you on these difficult smelly days.

#2 water bottle

You should always stay hydrated, so keep a water bottle with you in case you need it.

#3 snack

Of course you get hungry while in school, so you should definitely keep a snack in your backpack in case the cafeteria food is not so good.

#4 money

Come on!! You always forget to bring your snack with you. So you can keep some money in case you need it.

#5 watch

While in class you always get curious on what time is it. Instead of asking everyone else, keep your own watch!

#6 mobile

Pretty self explanatory! ย You can use it everywhere!

#7 headphones

Use them to listen to music on your way to school. It calms you down!!

So these were the essentials that you should always bring with you! ย Hope you enjoyed!! ย ๐Ÿ‘‘



For me the first day at school is the most important day of the whole school year, because you got to show others how much you glowed up during the the summer months.

As a senior in high school (12 grade) I’ve seen a lot of ootd’s for that day. But my recommendation is to go with some basic pieces of clothing matched with more special jewelry.ย 

The following is the perfect back to school outfit :

1 black jeggins

2 plain white tank top

3 soft brown booties

4 gold statement necklaceย 

5 gold earrings

6 makeup :natural

7 hair :simple up-do



So when I go home from a long day in school,at around 14.30 I wash my hands and I head into my room where I leave my backpack. If I have any private lessons I quickly grap my books and a snack and I leave home. When I’m finally home and I have no more things to do outdoors I change into some comfy clothes and I head to the kitchen to eat some real food. When I’m done I go back to my room I clean it and right after I study for 3-4 hours. When I end up studying I wear pj’s and I chill in my bed for about.Then I head to the bathroom where I was my face, my teeth and I take a shower. By that time it’s usually 01.00 or 01.30 so I go to sleep. But most times I stay awake until 2-3 o’clock. So that’s all for my afyer school/night routine. Hope you liked it! ๐Ÿ‘‘


I wake up at six o’clock and I chill in my bed for about ten to fifteen minutes. Then I get out of my bed,make sure to make it and head into the bathroom, where I wash my teeth and face. Right after I walk back into my room and I get dressed for the day. I also do my makeup, which I keep really simple and natural, and I also do my hair.When I’m done I head to the kitchen to make myself something to eat while listening to music. Usually in the morning I’m not really hungry so I eat a bowl of cereal with milk.After that I’m heading outdoors to catch the bus, at around 7.30. My school starts at eight but it takes me 20 minutes to get there by bus.

That’s my school morning routine. Hope you enjoyed it!! ๐Ÿ‘‘


Going back to school is really funย !! But, unfortunately, this is not alwaysย the case. For some of you back to schoolย ย might seem a little difficult. So here I have some tips and tricks to help you out!

#1 sit in front

This is an obvious one. Once you sit in the front you are more concentrated on what your teacher says and you are not getting distracted by the noise in your back.

#2 candy textbooks

Really basic but I have to mention this one. If you’re a huge procrastinator a cute way to get all your reading done is to put a candy on top of every paragraph you have to learn. After reading the paragraph you eat the candy as a reward.

#3 borrow notes

If you’re sick the day before that test you have to ace and you don’t get the most important notes you should definitely ask somebody in your class to borrow their notes. Who knows…you may end up with a new friend!!

#4 drink water (when sleepy)

When you’re in the class and you feel sleepy even if you slept like 10 hours you are not lacking in sleep but you’re dehydrated. So in this case try drinking some water. Totally works!!

#5 wear a watch

This one is pretty self explanatory!! ย While in class you might be curious on what time is it. And instead of trying to find someone in the class with a watch you can have your own. This one is also helpful when you’re writing a test when you can’t ask what time is it.

#6 make friends

Friends can help you having an easier back to school. Study groups and meetings,hanging out,shopping etc.

#7 emergency outfit

You should always have an emergency outfit (e.o). But what an e.o. is?! It’s an outfit that you keep in the corner of your closet in case you’re late for school.You grap the outfit,get dressed and you’re good to go!

#8 listen to music

In my school we are not allowed to have mobile phones so instead of listening to music while in school you should listen to it on your way there! ย It really helps you to calm down and it lifts you up when you’re feeling low!

Soooo…..These were my tips and tricks on how to make back to school easier! ย They have helped me out through the years and hope they’ll do the same to you! ย ๐Ÿ‘‘


This is the name of my new series, in which I’m gonna help you out with all the questions you might have before enetring high school. As a freshman I remember my self really shy and insecure. But through the years i found out that this is no the case. You must be confident and show others your best self! ย I don’t want any of you to have any difficulties during your high school years. That’s the time that you will enjoy the most in your whole life! ย Try to make it worth it!! ๐Ÿ‘‘